Lee Anne Schmitt
The Wash
super8 film
20 minutes
The Wash
a portrait film
by lee lynch and lee anne schmitt

“When I moved here a few years ago, you could hear the coyotes almost every night.
You can still hear them sometimes, but a year ago they started terracing the hills and began building houses, and then a school.”

The Wash is a portrait of the river wash that runs behind the older part of Newhall, California, where Lee and I used to live. We shot the wash on Super8 film and then finished it on video. It is a collaboration between us, describing the ways the wash is used, and the people who use it, ourselves included. It charts the way this land has changed since they began developing Newhall and the surrounding community of Valencia for housing, a development that is expected to bring over 250,000 more people into the area by the year 2015.

You can watch a video of The Wash here on Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/14211302

Lee Lynch and Lee Anne Schmitt have worked often together, though this is their first directing collaboration. Lee Anne acts in Lee’s feature debut, Transposition of the Great Vessels, which was completed this past spring. Lee Lynch is a director who believes in the fantastical, and the possible. His films include The Urban Leprechaun, The Bee Hive, and Digging for Fun. Lee Anne Schmitt makes films and performances. Her films include Nightingale, Las Vegas, and Awake and Sing, all of which have screened internationally.
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